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Search Engine Optimization

SEO2Search engine optimization plays a key role in the positioning of your website in search results for specific keywords. In order to have a site well optimized for search engines, one needs to think about this from the start.



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Online Marketing

Google AddWords Campaigns

google-addwordsGoogle AddWords Campaigns is Google's service that enables an ad (advertisement) of your company to appear on the side (Organic) of the search results for some specific keywords, and in some cases above them. This method of advertising is called PPC (Pay-per-click), since a service user alone determines how much he will pay if someone clicks on his ad. The amount which one is planning to spend is paid as a lump-sum, after the exhaustion of which the ad no longer appears.

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Social Media Advertising

social-mediaResearches show that social networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Tweeter are among the most visited sites on the entire Web. An average American spends more time on social networks than on any other activity on the Web, including the use of e-mails. Another reason that brings social networks into focus as highly cost-effective for online advertising is the possibility of targeting of specified groups so that your ad appears in a particular group of users, leading to greater efficiency and lower costs. Before setting a social campaign, it is necessary to identify the target group, for which our experienced specialists are available to you.

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Google Places (Maps) Optimization

google-map-optimisationGoogle has long since become a major source of information so that more and more Internet users use Google index for finding information on companies, services, shops, etc. Google gives more space to search results that are displayed on Google Maps, which are displayed to the right of the main search results, so that this type of optimization (also known as Local Busssines Optimization) becomes very important for a successful promotion.

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Newsletter Campains

newsletterNewletter kampanje predstavljaju nezaobilazan način da promovišete svoje proizvode ili usluge. Kao i kod svih drugih aktivnosti vezane za marketing važno je napraviti upečatljiv, jasan newsletter koji se uklapa u dizajn šemu vaše firme. Za pravljenje newsletter-a moguće je koristiti usluge specijalizovanih kompanija ili newsletter komponentu specijalno napravljenu za Joomla-u.


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