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Website Design

Web-designWebsite design is a complex task whose ultimate goal is to gain a distinct, clear, easy to use website, which will be useful both for our customers and for its future users.

In order to achieve all this, a lot of planning, research and obtaining (making) of the content is required before creation of a website begins.

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Website Development

joomla33During the years of work on the development of web sites, 8bit chose, after several years of developing their own CMS (Content Management System), one of the leading Open Source CMS - Joomla. The reasons for this choice are numerous:


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e-commerceWhether you need a complex solution for online shopping or you just want to create a catalog of your products, 8bit can offer a professional and efficient solution.


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Web-hostingThe choice of reliable and quality hosting is crucial to the operation of your site in terms of the two most important things such as security and speed. Also, the needs for interventions on the server are very often and therefore a professional and quick support that provides a hosting company is one of the main parameters for selection.


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Website-MaintenanceCommissioning of a website doesn't mean the end of all activities related to the website and the arrival of a period of many years of enjoying the fruits of previous work. There is a set of actions and tasks one needs to do periodically, in order to maintain a site's technical characteristics, quality and accuracy of contents, and a good position on search engines as well.

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Website security

03-02-2015 Hits:24878 Security  - avatar Bodin Jovanović

Website security is possibly today’s most underestimated aspect of website creation and should be a priority for each company, entrepreneur or individual. Shared hosting or VPS (Virtual Private Hosting) today are...

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Onepage or Single Page Websites

20-10-2014 Hits:6544 Design  - avatar Bodin Jovanović

Keep on scrolling and you quickly and easily get all content you need, spiced up with thrilling illustrations, artistic graphics and various dynamic stuff. There is no unnecessary surfing through...

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