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idejaAn initial idea is the basis for starting any business, including that of a website. But, since serious beginning of any business requires a lot of research, planning, knowledge and resources, it is impossible to create a successful website without these elements. How successful will be your website largely depends on the aforementioned steps, in the realization of which we are at your disposal.


Development of an Idea

ideaFrom the initial idea which made us to start production of a website, in the final version of the site (available to the public) often very little remains. If the starting ideas, resources, target groups and technical requirements are pre-elaborated, the less will be wandering and the easier it will be to get to the finish line - useful and usable web site.


Analysis of Competitive Websites

web-site-analizeThere is a huge number of websites on the web and it is very likely that something similar to your idea already exists. In any case, high-quality and basic research of competitive websites (sites dealing with the same or similar activities) is the best way to realize all their advantages and disadvantages, but also to obtain the necessary knowledge and ideas that you can use when creating your website.


Creating a Site's Structure

structureOrganization of a website can be a demanding job, especially in cases of bulky sites with a large number of diverse contents. The largest number of websites have a starting and a contact page respectively, and the in-between space needs to be filled up in the most logical way. Avoiding superfluous clicking on menu items and links is a good practice, i.e. visitors should be brought to the desired page in 2-3 steps at the most. In cases with a wide variety of contents, it is necessary to establish their categorization, i.e. to organize them into meaningful categories and subcategories.

Working on Contents (Texts, Images, Videos)

contentTexts, images and videos are the basic contents of most websites. When writing texts, but also when choosing photos and setting up video clips, it is necessary to be guided by the maxim: "Content is the King", i.e. the most beautiful and attractive sites shall not be of interest to users if their contents are uninteresting, of poor quality or outdated. It is necessary to write short, concise texts, with appropriate illustrations or photographs and to take care of spelling. In most cases it is necessary to write a summary texts (anterfiles), which are the core, the essence of the website, after reading of which an user needs to read the full article. The quality and uniformity of the quality of the used images and their formats will greatly contribute to the visual experience of your site.


web designOnly after making the structure of a website and obtaining the most of its contents, one can move on to designing domain. The initial step is to make a sketch of typical page (by using special softwares) with the positions of characteristic elements (logos, menus, banners, texts, illustrations...), which is followed by designing in some of the graphical tools - Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

There is a basic division of websites depending on their content: corporate, portfolio, e-commerce, magazine/blog, and also on the basis of their design: the so-called "clean" (simple/reduced), creative, dark, typographical, the so-called "single-page" (the whole site is one long page, parts of which are accessed using the menu), retro and many others.

Analysis of a Prototype Site on the Web and the Final Treatment of Its Design and Functionality

analizeBefore a website is officially put into operation a prototype is made, i.e. fully functional and designed test version of the site on our server, where experiments are carried out and that enables customers to monitor our work and participate in it.

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