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During the years of work on the development of web sites, Lineaart chose, after several years of developing their own CMS (Content Management System), one of the leading Open Source CMS - Joomla. The reasons for this choice are numerous:

Easy to Use

Joomla CMS allows full control of the content of the administrator's work, but also with a great ease and a minimum of technical knowledge can maintain most of the content from the frontend. Easy creation of user accounts with different privileges enables a site to be administered by multiple people (employees).

Possibility of Expanding by the Other Components

A large number of specialized companies produce add-ons (extensions, plugins) for Joomla, the use of which expands its core functions with virtually no restrictions. 8bit cooperates with reputable companies whose products are proven on the market and have many satisfied customers.

Programming According to the Customers' Requests

According to the clients' wishes and requirements new functions can be developed or added to the already existing components, or an entirely new component can be developed. In this way, it is practically possible to meet all the requirements of the customers.

Stability and Security (Safety)

Joomla origins date back to the year 2000, and after nearly 15 years of development and constant improvement it can be said that with version 3 it is experiencing its maturity in terms of functionality and security.

Web manufacture (production) uses the additional firewall, with which the safety of our websites has been brought to the maximum level. Read more

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