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Popular Psychology Magazine


www.poppsymag.com is a website that promotes the Popular psychology magazine. Popular psychology is a magazine that will give you tips to improve your life! Tips for a better life, love and happiness, jobs and finance, self development, are just some of the topics that you can read in the magazine. Find tips on how to deal with bad habits, how to stay young, how to deal with stress, how to improve your marriage, tips to a better sex life. Discover how you can manage your finances, career tips, how to gain self confidence or how to improve yourself.

Graphic & Web Design Solution

The site is primarily based on the blog, but there are many other advanced solutions needed for the promotion of the magazine, or other products. The site is not a replacement for the magazine, it is the addition to articles that can be read in a magazine. The solution is simple and clearl, so that users can easily use the website.


Connection to social networks, as well as the regular publishing on the blog, increased the sales of the magazine.

Used Technology

  • Joomla CMS
  • Blog
  • Responsive web design

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